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Generic Mini GPS Real Time Locator Tracker GSM/GPRS


Generic Mini GPS Real Time Locator Tracker GSM/GPRS

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This product is similar to products of all mobile phones on the map, to view the query to the location and computer platform position trajectory. There is a Built-in powerful magnet adsorption function, as long as there is metal, you can directly put it up, position it in a more convenient installation and the magnet will adsorb it automatically.

Regardless of the alarm locator being either in the cart, children’s bag, an older adult’s pocket, offices, or valuables bag, it can still through the mobile phone send an SMS alarm locator, which is convenient for you to monitor all the way, to master the location of the object in real-time. The voice control callback; Using a mobile phone text 666 is sent to alarm the locator number, later the machine replies to phone a message; [DT; has been successfully set sound monitor, alarm telephone callback]. When the sound of the alarm locator is around more than 40 DB, the alarm locator will automatically call the set the phone number in advance.


Preparation: a SIM phone card and mini memory card,

Boot: open the card cover according to the directions and insert the SIM card. Once the mini memory card is inserted in, products will automatically switch on the red light and shine out 4 times, it takes 30 seconds to enter the standby state.

The indicator light: The light is normally on for booting, low battery indicator, and light flash for separate recordings; Using a mobile phone, text 555, send to the alarm locator number, later the machine will reply to phone a message; [Snd; recording started ]

The product supports GSM850/900/1800/1900 network and GPRS and can be switched seamlessly with different networks, it also features small size, strong signal, loud sound, precise positioning, stable performance, and it’s widely applied across the world, and easy to install with the magnetic feature. it is also mostly used for supervision of children and elders, and anti-theft tracking of automobiles and warehouses.

Function Operation:

  • Insert TF card before sim card, the LED indicator will be on 4 seconds then extinguished; the led indicator will flash quickly if it`s low power.
  • Location query: edit SMS 777 and send it to the locator, it will reply to you with a location message with a web link, click this weblink to check the real-time location on a map.
  • Audio Listening: Insert sim card into alarm locator, user calls the number of sim card directly
  • Audio Recording: Edit SMS 555 and send it to the alarm locator
  • Binding phone number: Edit SMS 000 and send it to the alarm locator
  • Dial-back phone number: Edit SMS 666 and send to alarm locator; send SMS 444 to cancel this function
  • When the sound is over 40db around, the alarm locator will call the host phone number automatically
  • Power query: Each replied message shows power status
  • NOTE: Please note there is no GPS module inside. It is GPRS/GSM Position Technology, which will have deviation. If you want the exact position, please choose a professional GPS Tracker. In some countries, the positioning abroad will not be stable because different countries have different sim card operators, it will need to set APN or can not be positioned. Checking Location: please send SMS “777” to the device, it will reply to you with a message with a web link, click this weblink to check the real-time location.

1 review for Generic Mini GPS Real Time Locator Tracker GSM/GPRS

  1. Chidi Wilson

    Highly recommend. It’s better safe than sorry

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