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Video Pen Recorder


Video Pen Recorder

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Spy Camera Video Recorder

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This unique pen when pulled apart it exposes a USB device that you simply plug into your computer to download data or change settings. Here are just a few of it features:

Hidden spy pen camera contains a mini DVR to record everything, the internal batteries can be charged when you plug it into the USB port. It can record video for hours on one charge of the battery. Videos can be transferred using high speed USB 2.0 to your computer for play back and the video is colored.

It can also be used as a disk drive to copy files from one computer to another Read speed/Write speed 900K/700K per second. AVI video format with 640×480 resolution at 25 Frames per second for downloading data, it works with Windows Vista and XP Spy pen recorder can record conversations up to 15 feet away.

8 Giga Byte of memory that allows you to store hours of video 1280*1024 pixels resolution in JPEG format for still pictures, spy camera video recorder pen can record high definition pixel video, built in battery with two hours of recording time, normal sized pen and easy to camera, camera lens is pin hole which makes it difficult to be identified as a spy camera.

To start recording, simply press the top of the spy pen. It also functions as a web cam, can take still photos and best of all, you can write with it.


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