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Tactical Body Armor/Ballistic Bulletproof Vest


Tactical Body Armor/Ballistic Bulletproof Vest

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25,000.00 VAT



Product Name                Bulletproof vest
Exterior CoverNylon or Polyester
Carrier SizeM,L,XL,XXL / custom size
Protective CoverageFront and rear,lower sides
Protective Area for Soft Armor Panel0.26m2-0.38m2 / customizable
Ballistic Material UHMW-PE /Aramid UD fabric



  • Outer Carrier Material: durable Nylon fabric / comfortable soft poly cotton fabric / upon request, which also features water resistant and flame retardant and washable.
  •  Ballistic Material:  UHMW-PE /Aramid UD fabric , which could be designed to be different density and layers against different threat levels upon request
  •  Weight: apx. 2.3kg , It is ultra-lightweight and low profile which is well suited for police, VIP person, law enforcement, security guard and etc.
  • Carrier Size: S,M,L,XL,XXL / custom size
  • Color: black
  • Protective Coverage: front and rear, lower sides
  • Protective Area for Soft Armor Panel: 0.26m2-0.38m2 / customizable
  •  Threat Level: Certified NIJ-STD-0101.06 IIIA which can protect against the common pistol /handgun threats like .44 MAG/9mm /.357SIG, multi-hits capabilities(min.6 hits). It is the highest protection level for soft body armor presently.
  • Removable and Flexible Soft Armor Panel(front & rear), which heat sealed in black colored waterproof and airtight nylon envelopes to perfectly protect the ballistic material from moisture and UV, this is designed to ensure its service life (min.5 years)as long as possible. The anti trauma pad made from polycarbonate(PC) and high density foam could be added into the envelope to decrease the deformation depth upon request

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  1. Chidi Wilson

    A solid and reliable product

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