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Eniola Adeniyi

Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari, the commander of the Inspector General of Police’s Intelligence Response Team Commander has shared what described as ‘’ fantastic security tip for everyone.’’

Here is what the police officer widely labeled a ‘’super cop’’ shared on his Facebook page

I want to draw your attention to the need to also be very security conscious this period.
2020 has been a very trying year. A lot has happened back to back. A large majority of individuals who earn a living by riding motorcycles and tricycles lost their jobs and have been having a hard time and now the economy is shutting down, with the lock down and No adequate provision is being made for the welfare of the lower class

A lot of the security forums I belong to are predicting a sharp rise in crime… armed robbery, theft, kidnapping, molestation, etc. Simply because people are suffering. A lot of people no longer have a viable source of income. They have tried borrowing, begging and may now resort to stealing.

Please ensure you take necessary precautionary measures to secure your loved ones, homes and properties!
Here are few tips to help us out!

At home:

-Ensure proper lighting.

-Ensure doors and gates are properly locked at night. Never lock a gate using a padlock from outside at night.

-Those that can tolerate guard dogs, get a few.

-Those with security fences, ensure they are working.

-If you can get CCTV systems in place, please do (The fear of being caught is often one of the greatest deterrents to crime).

-Limit late nights.

-Be aware of your surroundings. Take note of parked cars, individuals loitering, etc

-Those in estates, ensure you have an emergency response plan (what happens if you or your neighbors are under attack? do you have a way of rapidly alerting the estate security?).

-Ensure all your domestic workers are properly vetted.

-Get an insurance plan

-If your car has an alarm system, always sleep with the remote by your bedside. If you have cause to suspect that someone is trying to forcefully gain entrance into your home, activate the alarm. In a residential environment, this is usually very loud and hopefully will scare the criminals away.

-Be your neighbors keeper. Look out for them. If you have information or observe something that can help, please speak up.

In Transit:

-Try as much as possible to get home while it’s still light outside

-Be observant of vehicles and individuals around you

-Reduce the use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops in traffic (especially if you do not have tinted glasses)

-Do not keep bags, wallets or any valuable item on the seat. This also applies when parking in a public place.

-Keep your car doors locked at all times. This also applies when parking in a public place

-While driving home, lookout for cars following you, look out for cars parked too close to your gate, watch out for unfamiliar individuals in your neighborhood.

-Reduce the use of third party individuals to handle the transportation of your loved ones

-Do not allow your drivers/gate men know your travel/daily itinerary

-Do not make unscheduled stops in questionable areas. If you have a flat, manage the car to a properly lit place. Worst case scenario is that the Tyre and wheel (which usually costs between N 10,000 and N 100,000) gets damaged.

Personal Lives:

-Be very wary of having business discussions around drivers, especially those that concern money, projects, affiliation with known individuals, etc

-Ensure you carry out comprehensive background on existing and new domestic staff hires

-Reduce road trips. Always travel by air if the option is available

-Always let your loved ones know where you are and when you should be expected home.

-Always know the whereabouts of your loved ones and their itinerary. Get frequent updates and act immediately you feel something is out of place.

-Avoid excessive and public show of wealth

-When giving, as much as possible, do so anonymously

May God continue to keep us all.

From Inspector General of Police – Intelligence Response Team(IGP-IRT) Commander


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