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Stun Gun + LED Flashlight – Appearance iPhone 6


Stun Gun + LED Flashlight – Appearance iPhone 6

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The Guard Dog iStun 2 is activated by a button that appears to be the phone’s power button. Pushing this button produces a burst of high-voltage current across two low-profile prongs at the top of the “phone”. Guard Dog Security claims this power is “capable of temporary incapacitation”. There’s also a built-in LED light on the back side of the device, which can be activated by another button in place of the volume control.

The iStun 2 is rechargeable over USB, weighs about 3 ounces, and includes a leather carrying case. In order to match the appearance of various phones, the iStun is offered in three color combinations: black, white + rose, and white + gold

Cell phone taser gives you the upper hand you need to take your attacker by surprise. To everyone else, it looks like you’re carrying an iPhone, but you’ll have a powerful non-lethal gadget in your hand. Carrying a cell phone taser means you don’t have to draw attention and be ready for anything



Stun Gun disguised TW – iPhone 6

This is a stun device in the form of an iPhone. Taser in an instant will disable the intruder, not leaving him a permanent injury. Lightning strikes cause electric shock in the attacker’s neuromuscular system.

By pressing the spring-loaded trigger put the devices into operation. Jump over high-voltage lightning discharges between the two contacts at the upper edge of the housing. The optically and acoustically perceptible discharges have a deterrent effect and give the aggressor in touch strong surges.
This unit also has a small LED light on the front of the device, which is suitable for use on short distances. The power supply is ensured by an internal battery and does not need batteries. To extend the life and reduce the memory effect, it is useful to test the device on a regular basis (every 2-3 months) and, if necessary, with the LED to discharge all around then charge it again.

Effect of short electric shocks:
Brief electric shocks from a quarter of a second duration can already deter an attacker and cause minor muscle contractions.

Effective medium electric shocks:
An average service life of one to four seconds can bring an attacker to fall and cause disorientation.

Effect of long electric shocks:
A full use of five seconds duration can cause the attacker to any controlled movements is more capable. Orientation and balance disorders can cause the opponent to fall and still affect him a few minutes later.

Note: Each electric shock of about one second duration may bring an opponent to fall and thus lead to fall injuries. Use our products in case of emergency or for self-defense!
The specified voltage in volts brings mainly a better penetration in eg thick garments. The effect on the body is not significantly different from devices with lower voltage.

Dimensions: 135 mm x 65 mm x 13 mm

Weight with packaging  130 g
Delivery incl. Charger

Note: Buy Stun Gun iPhone in EU only if your are at least 18 years old.


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